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Beyond Paper has a vision of making the dream of becoming a business owner a successful journey for anyone who possesses the will and determination to do so.

The founder of Beyond Paper, began her business adventures in 1995 when she helped her late-husband create his first business. This gave her the experience that led to her career in Human Resources & Payroll Management, which spanned over the next two decades. Then in 2017, she took steps to begin her own business, creating a bookkeeping service that is committed to helping other local business and regional business owners to grow their businesses.

Her vision for her business was simple. She'd waited a long time to make this leap, and she wanted to help others...inspiring entrepreneurs, to create their own successful journey of business ownership.

She launched Beyond Paper Profit Advisors, and began marketing and networking the business which offered services to small and medium sized businesses. Relieving them of the headaches and burdens of bookkeeping and back-office duties, allowing them to focus on other business aspects like growing the business, client retention, or sales. She chose to offer her services in the form of benefits to her clientele by providing what she knew best, Human Resources, Bookkeeping. and Payroll.  

In the spirit of embracing the multi-passionate entrepreneurial concept, she added digital marketing to her core services.  Although these services are not typical of a bookkeeping firm, she recognized a need for them in her existing clients.  This decision was a turning point for her business, as well as, her clients. And, the proof was in the bottom lines of the businesses of her clients.  

She firmly believes that you can't resist change and that you must embrace the advances that are being made with technology, automation, and artificial intelligence.

Are you an inspiring entrepreneur? If so, click on the book now link below to get started.

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