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Value Priced Bundles

  1. basic

  2. $140
    Includes the following:
    Reconciliation of :

    1 Checking & 1 Savings account.
    Maximum 100 transactions
    Standard Reporting package
    Optimized Cloud-Based Financial File
  1. standard

  2. $305
    Includes the following:
    Reconciliation of:

    2 Checking & 1 Savings account.
    1 credit card
     1 vendor Account
    Maximum 200 transactions
    Standard Reporting package
    Optimized Cloud-Based Financial File
  1. deluxe

  2. Includes the following:
    Reconciliation of:

    2 Checking & 1 Savings account.
     1 Paypal Account
     2 Credit Cards
    & 2 Vendor Accounts
    Maximum 500 transactions
    Deluxe Reporting package
    Optimized Cloud-Based Financial File
* Free month is for standard packages - Discounts available $140 $305, or $445. Overages are not included and will be billed on a separate invoice at the end of the month. The most common overages are covered in the Value Priced Package Brochure or on our website here. Beyond Paper Profit Advisors does not require our clients to sign a long-term contract, however, in an effort to focus on customer satisfaction and keeping our clients happy with our services, we require a subscription package which is pre-paid, on a retainer system. This requirement allows us to focus on our current client base which has worked well for both the client and Beyond Paper. This means that our clients know that we are focused on processing their work without worry that we are spreading ourselves too thin because we are concentrating on sales, marketing, or other business technicalities. By purchasing a retainer or a pre-paid package, we can eliminate the long-term contracts, giving our clients the flexibility to operate their business without dealing with the red-tape of a long term contract, and also it holds Beyond Paper accountable to our Customer Satisfaction promises. We value our clients and we would not expect them to conduct business with another party that didn't appreciate their business and value them and their staff, as we do.

Available Add-Ons

$100 off 2018 Budget with Monthly Bookkeeping Pkg
Discounts available for Online & Cloud Submission
Custom Packages for Business Plans & Consulting
Accounts receivable Starting at $300 per month
Block of 100 transactions
$25 per Block
Additional Bank Account
$15 Each
Payroll services beginning at $150 per month
Accounts Payable Beginning at $150 per Month

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